Book Review: Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

4.5/5 Stars


So, bare with me as I attempt to jot down my thoughts and feelings on this novel! Most of which are very positive, because I loved this book! Which explains my high rating on it 🙂

Summary: 16-year-old Amy Gumm from Kansas is forced to take care of her toxic mother. While going to school that isn’t particularly fond of her. Basically, her life isn’t the best. Until a tornado whisks her away from her crap of a life to Oz. Amy lands in Oz and quickly realizes that it is not the same from the fairy tale. Oz is different, Oz is dangerous. And the one who caused all this anguish? The one and only, Dorothy. Dorothy has been stealing Oz’s magic and power, and soon Oz will be no more. So it’s up to Amy to stop her, because Dorothy Must Die…*music plays* Dun, dun, dunnnnn.

Review: So, overall I very much enjoyed this book. It was fast paced, exciting, and it surprised me (which isn’t very hard in my case (I’m a naive reader) but still). There were so many twists and turns. All in all, I loved the book.

When Amy first got to Oz I was like, “Awesome! let’s get this party started!” And let me tell you, it did. From the first few chapters and on, the story never really led up. It was consistent and flowed so nicely. This whole concept was just so fascinating to me that I just could not stop reading. There was magic, there was a love interest (NOX *heart eye emoji*), there was darkness (*cough* Dorothy), there was loss, and there was hardship.

First off, Amy, I loved her. She was relatable. I felt like I could connect with her and her feelings. I loved how she pretty much accepted what The Order asked of her and she did it. Yeah, she had her hardships. Yeah, she had her doubts. But she was strong. She trusted her gut and followed her instinct. She was a very strong character, that knew what the right thing to do was and tried her best to do it. I really liked how she found herself, discovered her self-worth, and once she found that, there was never going back.

Nox was the typical tall, dark, and handsome, love interest. Which are my favorite! I hope, in the next book, we see him really shed his skin and show us what that solider hottie really is like. 😉

Greta, Glamora, and  Mombi pissed me off. Mainly because I can’t figure them out yet. Whether their cause is the right one. Whether their motives are morally sound. Greta’s death didn’t really phase me, she was cool, but nothing special to me. But I like how we got to see a different side of Glamora, when she was crying and Amy walked in. That kind of cemented their relationship as much as it could, I guess.

Dorothy was like the worst person I’ve ever read about. She was the worst of the worst and I absolutely hated every bit of her. As do I hate the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Woodman. What the Scarecrow does with his experiments are just horrid, like poor flying monkeys! The Lion is just a jerk and terrible. The Tin Woodman is weak. He acts all tough, but really a weak metal man who loves too easily. (Pssst, don’t love Dorothy, Tin Dude, she’s evil).

So all the characters were really interesting and complex. They added to the story in such an interesting way. Especially Pete/Ozma, which was so confusing, I did not see that coming. The Wizard has something up his sleeve, I don’t quite know what to make of him, yet.

There was really nothing I disliked about the book, expect when Amy was being stupid and didn’t stab Dorothy when she had the chance!! Overall, I enjoyed the story, and the characters. Oz was sort of recreated, but still held it’s awesome magical aspect.

 I will be continuing with this series, for sure. I’m very excited to see what Amy does next. My prediction is The Wizard is going to be the good guy, not sure though. I  don’t fully trust Glamora and Mombi. There’s something witchy about them…*wink* get it??

So let me know what you thought! Did you enjoy the book, too? Did you not like it as much? Let me know your thoughts!

Until next time!



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