Book Review: The Rain (H20 in U.S.) by Virginia Bergin

The Rain by Virginia Bergin 


*This is the UK edition. The U.S. version of this book is called H2O*

Summary: The Rain is poisonous, it acts like an acid and is extremely fatal. Close to everyone is dead. Every natural water source is contaminated. The story follows young Ruby Morris as she desperately tries to survive the rain. Throughout her journey, she meets Darius Spratt, the school nerd, who she would never, not ever, consider herself with. But as Darius proves to be useful in helping her get to her dad, Ruby’s perceived assumptions of him may prove to be incorrect.

Review: Right off the bat, this plot intrigued me. Acid rain? Girl wandering around by herself trying to survive an apocalyptic world? Count. Me. In. I enjoyed this. It was a quick read, face paced, and I finished in like a day. What I enjoyed most about this book was the plot. You like gruesome, gory, survival stories? This book is for you.

The whole concept of acid rain. Acid falling from the sky. It’s so incredible. It’s horrible to think about, but I loved reading about it. How Bergin puts these characters into certain situations is so heart pounding, because you honestly don’t know if they will make it or not. That’s what I love. I loved not knowing what was going to happen, because I seriously could not see most of the stuff that happened coming.

What I didn’t like so much was Ruby, the main character. She was so immature and selfish as times I wanted to scream. But what I liked was she got better. She definitely developed as a character and grew a heart that cared for others besides herself. Bergin took a snobby bully and turned her into a caring person. That’s what I always find intriguing and that’s what makes a book better. At least, in my opinion.

Another thing I didn’t like as much was how much back story Ruby gave us. Always talking about what happened, or this, or that. Yes, I understand she’s lonely and on the brink of insanity, but I really didn’t care for knowing about her past. It was just kind of frustrating.

All in all, this book was a very fun and awesome read. I enjoyed it, it made my heart pound, squirm in disgust, and it made me feel. Feel for these characters and their situation. I recommend this book if you love a good apocalyptic world with gore, death, and character development.

Let me know what you thought! Did you read it? Did you enjoy it? Hate it? Tell me your thoughts!

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