Q&A with a.booknerd / Kiara

Alex Dewing


I started talking to Kiara on her Instagram account a while ago and she welcomed me into the Bookstagram community with open arms and book recommendations – the best welcome there is! So in honour of my wonderful new friend hitting 1000 followers on Instagram I asked her if she’d like to do a Q&A with me.  She happily agreed and so this happened:

What bookstagram accounts do you look up to?

booksanatomy – Aria

readingoncloud9 – Karmen 

myriadinklings – Jeanette 

Those are just a few, but I absolutely love their accounts! They’re so perfect and beautiful in their own ways. Plus, all three of them are so kind.

What’s the best thing about bookstagram?

The people! Everyone is so kind and nice, and just welcoming. I’ve never met so many wonderful, awesome people before. And being able to meet people from all over the world is so amazing as well.

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