Weekly Post: Why Book Buying Bans Work For Me

So about a week ago, I went on a book buying ban. There were two reasons why I chose to do this.

1. I spent too much money on books, and I needed to not do that *crying emoji*

2. My TBR list was about a mile long (exaggeration, but still) and I needed to read the books I do have before the list grew even longer.

This was my first time putting myself on a book buying ban, it was sort of an experiment to see if I could actually do it, and now I can say that it was a success! I forced myself to finish two books from my TBR before I even thought about buying another book. And I did it! *happy dance for self-control*

I’m not going to lie, it was difficult. There were temptations, there were *almost* times where I gave in, but I stayed strong. Yes, I realize that sounds like I was doing a diet or something, but not buying books was way harder than expected! But it worked.

I knocked out two books on my TBR, Dorothy Must Die and The Rain, (read my reviews here and here) and I was able to reward myself with two more! My book haul of those books will be up soon!

So, I recommend trying out a book buying ban. It helped me, and you never know, it could work for you, too!

Have you tried a book buying ban before? Did it work, too? Tell me your thoughts!

Until next time,



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