Why I Want To Be A Witchlander

If you didn’t know, Truthwitch is an AWESOME new fantasy book coming out in 2016 by the AWESOME Susan Dennard. And there is a possibility to join the Witchlanders, an elite street team skilled in legendary awesomeness and all out badassery, so naturally, I’d fit right in *winks*

Here is why I want to join the Witchlanders, told through Avatar: The Last Airbender gifs.


1. I have never been more excited for a book. Like ever. I don’t know why, but this entire storyline is probably the most intriguing thing to me. And to be able to help spread the word of this awesome book would be incredible!

IMG_7628Me when I hold Truthwitch

2. Truthwitch is about friendship, mainly, as well as some very attractive guys *smirks* And friendship is something that is very close to my heart. We all have a threadsister (or brother?) out there and all we need to do is go look. Good thing I already found mine, shout out to you, homie! So I want to be apart of a community built on friendship, on loyalty, on community, and on support.


Yes, Toph, yes, they do. *cries*

3. I want to be a Witchlander because I want to met people who love books and Truthwitch as much as I do. Because whenever I try to tell people about Truthwitch they are always like this,



So, my reaction is,


Then the conversation just gets awkward from there…


4. I want to be a Witchlander because Truthwitch is going to give us all the feels and I want to be a part of a community where we can all cry together and express all the feelings Empress Sooz is going to give us. Cause she’s just that good a writer. This is my prediction of how I’ll be when I read Truthwitch:


5. Lastly, I want to be Witchlander because I want Truthwitch, but most importantly I want other people to know about Truthwitch and get just as excited as I am. As Witchlanders, we will spread to word of Truthwitch and its awesomeness.

But until then, I will relish in my pain of not having Truthwitch


Until next time, Water Tribe out

-Kiara: Future Witchlander (hopefully)   


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