Book Review: Not Every Girl by Jane McGarry

Not Every Girl by Jane McGarry



Summary: Olivia Davenport has always wanted to be knight, she trains with the squires and is just as good as any of them, but the one thing holding her back is that she is a girl. And when a major trip arises, she desperately wants to go, however, she cannot. So she formalizes a plan for her to go, disguised as a boy. But when her secret is revealed, she is sent home. However, on her way home, she and the Prince, Liam, discover upsetting news about a plot against the king and they quickly realize they are the kingdoms last hope.

Review: I had met Jane from Instagram, and knew she wrote a book. However, I did not know how excellent of a book it really was! Honestly, this book grabbed a hold of my attention and did not let go until the last page, and even then kept me in its world. Not Every Girl is a fast paced, intriguing, and wonderful read about courage, standing up for yourself, love, and loyalty.

What I think I love most about this book is the how real Olivia is. She doesn’t shy away from the reader, or anyone else for that matter. She is open and honest, and very relatable. I could relate to her  thought process, and could understand her feelings and emotions about what was happening. She’s a strong, independent female character that the world needs more of.

The whole story captivated me, kingdoms, princes, battles, everything! I mean, Liam is totally swoon worthy. The characters were real and honest. The plot was strong and never once slowed down. This is an excellent YA novel for anyone looking for a good read. 

All in all, I highly recommend this book. If you like good stories, good books, and fun characters this book is definitely for you! 

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